Counselling Psychologist

M.A. Counselling Psych, D.Litt et Phil. (University of Johannesburg)


Man’s greatest task in life is to give birth to himself,

to become what he potentially is.”

Erich Fromm

By relying on personality theory, developmental psychology and evidence-based psychotherapeutic models I assist my clients through counselling in resolving problems and help them become more self-fulfilled, productive and content.

My clients formulate and refine their own therapeutic goals. Working toward achieving such goals is part of the healing and personal growth.

I rely on the principles of the following therapeutic modalities to help clients achieve their goals:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) CBT is a psychological treatment that highlights the mistaken beliefs or faulty thoughts that humans have as a result of past experiences. In CBT you will be taught to recognize harmful and self-limiting thinking habits and you will be taught ways to problem-solve and cope in more productively.
  • Mindfulness practices The use of mindfulness practices in therapy helps one know from moment to moment what is going on and thus integrating past experiences in the present. This helps one deal with intrusive thoughts, feelings and other sensations.
  • Neuropsychological based concepts Thanks to fMRI studies and new technologies we are able to study the effects of various lifestyle factors on our brain and bodies. Findings from various international studies on sleep deprivation, diet, chronic paid, alcohol use, exercise, cognitive reserve and dementia will be shared where relevant to enhance treatment.
  • Gestalt and Reality Therapy In Gestalt Therapy awareness of self and one’s own feelings/insights/perceptions in the present is encouraged. This allows one to reconnect with aspects of the self to promote growth. Work is done towards improving wholeness, balance, self-acceptance and self-sufficiency and responsibility for the self.
  • Ego-state therapy and Transactional Analysis Therapeutically, the goal is to create a balance in the personality between the different parts of Self or different ego states. The life script and old behaviour patterns can be modified to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Body Awareness therapy These therapies assist one in processing experiences that cannot be resolved by cognitive restructuring alone. Focus is placed on the body, symptoms and sensations experienced during therapy. Therapeutic references include the research and clinical experience of Bessel van der Kolk with trauma survivors and Howard Schubiner and chronic pain.
  • Medical Hypnoanalysis (not available as an online therapy)