Services Offered


Anxiety Conditions: Generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder

Adjustment Disorder

Loneliness, Isolation relating to physical distancing and COVID

Inner Conflict, Guilt and Regret


Bereavement Counselling

Coping with medical challenges and chronic pain

Trauma Counselling


Stress Management

Procrastination and Time Management

Small business Management

Occupational Burn-out

Accountability Support (monthly appointments to maintain personal growth and monitor positive occupational practices)

Lifestyle review and healthy living (monthly or bi-monthly)


Individual Clinical CBT Supervision

Peer Supervision


Currently online, covering topics such as stress, anxiety, resilience, mindfulness, breathing techniques and cognitive fitness.

Depending on your needs, consultations can be:

  • 30 minutes or
  • 55 minutes or
  • 85 minutes in duration (recommended for monthly and bi-monthly consultations)

Telehealth (online) consultations are conducted via GDPR compliant encrypted software. There is no need to login, download software or create an account. Platforms used are:

  • powerdiary