psychological assessments

Psychometric assessments are sometimes conducted as part of the therapeutic process to refine and enhance treatment outcome. Psychometric tests can also be administered independently of counselling. The following psychometric evaluations are available:

Cognitive functioning
(attention, memory, intelligence, working memory, executive functions, dementia screening)

Adult ADHD
Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Personality style

General screening
for anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.

Adult ADHD Diagnosis – FAQ

What are the signs of adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
The manner in which the symptoms of ADHD manifest can vary greatly from one person to another. The symptoms generally change with age and maturity.

The symptoms include:
Poor ability to maintain attention when it is required.
Hyperactive behaviours.
Impulsive behaviours.
Difficulty managing time.
Inability to focus on tasks.
Easily distracted by sound or other people.
Difficulty with organizing things at work, home or school.
Some find it challenging to meet deadlines which could have consequences in college and work.
Some people with ADHD tend to overlook important details and this may impact relationships and performance at work.
Forgetfulness which can be with regard to birthdays, paying bills and attending meetings.
Feeling agitated and restless.
Constantly fidgeting or needing to move around.
Some difficulty with managing emotions
Being poor at prioritizing tasks.
Speaking too loud or out of turn and interrupting others.
Poor tolerance for waiting in line.

Do I need a referral letter before making an appointment? 

Will my health insurance provider cover some of the costs?
Some health insurance providers may offer partial refunds. It is recommended that you check with your provider in advance.

Please note that in terms of Tax Relief, ‘treatment from a psychologist” is considered a qualifying expense.

Does the assessment include a report? 
Yes.  You will receive a comprehensive report about 2 weeks after your feedback appointment which you can share with your medical practitioner or college.

How is ADHD diagnosed in adults?
An ADHD diagnosis is made through a clinical assessment process which involves several steps and at least two appointments
The assessment process will consist of two extended sessions during which you will be asked various questions and complete a number of psychological tests.
In order to obtain a comprehensive profile of your behaviour, you will also complete a continuous performance test which provides objective information about your performance.

ADHD is not determined by a single psychological test. The assessment process also requires the input of collateral, this could be parents, siblings, schoolteachers, or any other person that had an opportunity to witness your behaviour as a child. Information will be obtained via school and medical reports and questionnaires from people who know you well (where possible).
If you do not have access to old school report cards and you do not have anyone that could report on your past behaviour the assessment may proceed and alternative tests may be employed.


The cost for an assessment varies from €1,200 to €1,600 and this includes:
– A comprehensive assessment,
– The QbCheck test (see sample below)
– Your feedback appointment, and
– A full report.

Factors that influence the cost include types and number of tests employed, duration of collateral interview, number of cognitive tests conducted, results of previous tests conducted, previous counselling sessions. 
Full-time students and unemployed people qualify for a 10% discount.

A deposit of €400 is required prior to the first appointment. The remainder may be paid for in two payments.
Reports will only be made available after the assessment has been paid for in full.

It is preferable that the assessment be administered in-person or at least one of the appointments should be done  in-person while the other can be done online. If it is impossible for you to attend in-person alternate arrangements can be made.

If you have already obtained an ADHD diagnosis and would like to do the QbCheck test to assess your performance on an objective attention task, or to compare your performance prior too and after medication use, then you may do only the QbCheck. In this instance the cost is €250 for the QbCheck test and a summary report. (Please note that this test alone is not sufficient to make a new ADHD diagnosis).

Sample of QbCheck test result:


If you would like to book a full ADHD assessment or complement an existing one with the QbCheck test, please complete the form below.